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We believe that a website design needs to be much more than pretty page. It needs to be a functional solution that meets the needs and goals of your business.

We've been designing websites for well over a decade. In that time we've designed and redesigned and re-re-designed many of our customers websites again and again. This comes from familiarity and good business relationships we form with our clients. Whenever we take on a new project we take the time to learn about your business, products, services, and most of all who your customer base is. It's the homework that we take the time to do at the outset that gives us an edge when it comes to maintaining the websites we build. It's also what ensures that we create effective website solutions that grow with our clientele.



Once our website goes live our job is not done! At BBWebworks we feel a website is never done!  we will be there to support you for 1 full year doing routine site updates. Custom and/or extensive modifications may be extra.


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Support for 1 Year

BBWebWorks is owned and operated by Blair Bergmann since 2004.

Blair is a Certified Internet Business Specialist and has been building professional websites since 2000.

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